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BIA Prevention Handbook

BIA Wildfire Prevention Handbook Attachments and Resources

The U.S. Code at Title 16, Section 594 (16 U.S.C. 594) authorizes the Secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI) to protect and preserve from fire Indian reservations and other lands under the jurisdiction of the DOI. To meet this responsibility, the BIA established a Wildfire Prevention Program, managed by the Deputy Director of the Branch of Wildland Fire Management’s Fuels Management Program. The program is managed regionally by Regional Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)/Prevention Specialists that provide leadership and technical assistance at the regional level. The BIA has adopted policy, standards, requirements, and procedures to ensure that prevention efforts in Indian Country consistently achieve the highest level of success possible. Leadership and oversight are necessary to ensure that established policy and procedures are followed, and to determine the need for any corrective action(s).

This handbook documents the practices and procedures required to implement the policy described in 90 IAM 5. It also provides guidance and business rules for planning, funding, implementation, and review of a prevention program. The following documents are incorporated by reference in this handbook. For convenience and consistency, these documents are located online at:

National BIA Wildfire Prevention Handbook Guidance/ Instruction Checklists Templates Examples


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