Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Natural Resources is to enhance the quality of life, to promote economic opportunity, and to carry out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of American Indians, Indian Tribes and Alaska Natives. We will accomplish this through the delivery of quality services, maintaining government-to-government relationships within the spirit of Indian self-determination.

Office of Trust Services (OTS) Bison Program

The goal of the OTS Bison Program is to support Tribes’ Bison development and introduction efforts by supporting self-determination of Tribal management of Bison on Tribal Trust Lands. The Bison Program’s scope of service encompasses cultural, historic and educational uses of Bison, including religious, spiritual and subsistence uses.

As part of this effort, the OTS Division of Natural Resources is tasked with expanding Bison technical assistance efforts with the formation of a new Branch of Bison for FY2023. The Branch of Bison will assist Tribes seeking to increase and expand new herds for genetic diversity and to increase Indigenous healthy food initiative efforts.

Bison Project Request for Proposals

On September 7, 2023, OTS announced the Bison Project: $1.5 million in competitive funding to support 3 non-recurring 1-year projects for ecosystem restoration supported by bison conservation and expansion.

Federally-recognized Indian Tribal Governments and authorized Tribal organizations may submit proposals by email to their BIA Regional Offices within 30 calendar days of this announcement. Full eligibility details and ranking criteria for proposals are included in the Request for Proposals.

Who We Serve

The Division of Natural Resources (DNR) supports Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) regional offices and agencies to provide programs and services for Tribes and individual Indian landowners.

DNR creates policy, directs funding and provides oversight to BIA agencies to provide planning, management, conservation, development, and utilization of soil, water, farmland, rangeland, fish and wildlife resources on trust land

Services We Provide


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About the Division of Natural Resources

DNR provides agency and Tribal coordination, management, planning, oversight, and monitoring for the development and protection of trust natural resources, protection of Indian Treaty rights, fish and wildlife resource management development, environmental quality guidance and regulatory direction, youth education and climate resilience.

DNR provides funding support in the direction and guidance for all activities related to the planning, management, conservation, development, and utilization of soil, water, farmland, rangeland, fish and wildlife resources, endangered species, invasive species, conservation law enforcement, youth and education within natural resources.

DNR is located in the BIA central office in Albuquerque, New Mexico and oversees the Branch of Fisheries, Wildlife and Recreation and the Branch of Agriculture and Rangeland Development.