Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Trust Services is to protect, develop, manage, and enhance Indian trust resources for the benefit of American Indian and Alaska Native peoples and expand economic opportunities through effective trust management that recognizes and supports Tribes' self-governance and self-determination.

Who We Serve

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Office of Trust Services (OTS) has offices nationwide, and assists Tribal governments and allottees in managing, protecting, and developing their trust lands and natural resources, which total 56 million surface acres and 60 million acres of subsurface mineral estates. OTS programs aid landowners in the stewardship of their cultural, spiritual, and traditional resources, and help Tribal governments create sustainable sources of revenue and jobs for their communities.

Services We Provide


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About the Office of Trust Services

OTS carries out Indian Affairs' trust responsibilities to American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes and individuals and oversees all major activities associated with the management and protection of trust and restricted lands, natural resources, and real estate services.

Programs administered include real estate services; land titles and records; probate; natural resources; forestry and wildland fire management; irrigation and power; safety of dams; environmental services; tribal climate resilience; land consolidation; and geospatial services.