Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Trust Land Consolidation is to facilitate sound land management and administration, support Tribal sovereignty and self-determination, and promote economic opportunity in Indian Country by reducing Indian land fractionation.

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If you own fractional interests in trust or restricted land, you have an Individual Indian Money (IIM) account managed by the Department of the Interior and you should receive a quarterly IIM account statement. The statement details your land ownership and any deposits to your IIM account (for example, your share of lease income from tracts of trust land you co-own). Your IIM account contact information is used for Trust Land Consolidation purchase offers.

If your IIM account contact information is not up to date, you may not be eligible to receive a Trust Land Consolidation purchase offer. To update your contact information, or to verify that your information is current, visit your local Bureau of Trust Funds (BTFA) office or call the Trust Beneficiary Call Center at (888) 678-6836.

Who We Serve

The Division of Trust Land Consolidation (DTLC) provides opportunities for individual Indian landowners to voluntarily sell fractional land interests, at fair market value, for consolidation under Tribal ownership. The DTLC supports Tribes by increasing Tribal management control over reservation lands, better enabling Tribes to protect and utilize lands for purposes benefitting the Tribal community.

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About the Division of Trust Land Consolidation

The DTLC reduces fractionation by purchasing interests in trust or restricted Indian land from willing individual sellers and restoring purchased interests to Tribal trust ownership. Willing sellers are paid fair market value for interests they chose to sell, and ownership is immediately transferred to the Federally recognized Tribe with jurisdiction over the land. Consolidating fractionated tracts of Indian land under Tribal ownership allows for better utilization of the land for purposes benefitting the Tribal community, such as for economic development, conservation, and social or cultural purposes. The DTLC is headquartered in the Bureau of Indian Affairs Rocky Mountain Region, with a satellite office in the Great Plains Region.