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Division of Resource Integration Services

Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Resource Integration Services is to enhance the use of geospatial information and data resources throughout the Bureau of Indian Affairs by modernizing data resource communication, fostering prompt collaboration between programs and improving workflows.

Who We Serve

The Division of Resource Integration Services (DRIS) supports Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) regional offices and local agencies to integrate geospatial information systems (GIS) and data resources into their services and operations.

DRIS develops and implements software to assist with BIA’s development and management of trust resources. Currently DRIS is developing the Solutions Trust Accountability Tracker to allow local BIA agencies to collaborate with one another and with the Tribes they serve.

DRIS crafts policy and advises on best practices for implementing GIS and data resources into existing services, programs and workflows across the BIA.

DRIS provides training and technical assistance to BIA regional geospatial coordinators and other GIS professionals.

Services We Provide

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About the Division of Resource Integration Services

DRIS was created in 2022, and positions are currently being classified and advertised. GIS professionals can search for open positions at USAJobs.gov.


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