Regional Directives implement Indian Affairs Manual (IAM) policies at the regional level and pertain to Indian Affairs (IA) employees within the jurisdiction of a regional office. Although they convey additional instructions that may apply only to a specific region(s), regional directives must not conflict with established IA policies and procedures. Regional Directives are considered permanent regional policy unless superseded by IA-wide (or Departmental) policy. As with all IA directives, regional policy should be reviewed every two years for accuracy and need, and updated as appropriate.

Employees can access the Regional Directives templates and other policy guidance by visiting RACA's internal website via SharePoint (for IA employees only):

Citation Title Issue Date
52 IAM 2 - PA Residential Lease Administrative Surveys
52 IAM 4 - PA Partitions in Kind of Inherited Allotments
Rocky Mountain
Citation Title Issue Date
50 IAM 1 - RM Irrigation Project Management