Our Mission

Indigenous Connectivity and Technology's mission is to assist Tribal Nations and entities in managing and developing new wireless wireless communications, electromagnetic spectrum, electric vehicle, and other technological services on Tribal lands to advance economic growth opportunities, digital self-governance, and true self-determination over digital resources and assets through Tribal consultation, consent, technical assistance, and national policy development. 

National Tribal Broadband Summit

The annual National Tribal Broadband Summit is a unique opportunity for tribal leaders, representatives of tribal organizations, representatives of schools and school districts serving under-connected Native students, federal program managers, and policy-makers at multiple levels of government to come together and share their innovations in expanding broadband access and adoption in tribal communities. Stay tuned for more information on 2024 Summit!

Who We Serve

Indigenous Connectivity and Technology (ICT) assists Tribal Nations and entities that seek to expand access to high-speed internet and promote digital equity through in managing, developing, and maintaining telecommunications, electric vehicle, and technological infrastructure and development on Tribal lands. This includes review of new electromagnetic spectrum leasing opportunities, and providing technical assistance for the establishment of wireless, digital, and technological projects on Tribal lands.  

Services We Provide


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About the Indigenous Connectivity and Technology division

ICT builds upon the bureau’s unique role and fiduciary duty to manage Tribal assets, finite digital resources, energy, and digital equities including connectivity infrastructure, electric vehicle initiatives, technological development and wireless data collection on Tribal lands. The Division is responsible for consolidating, coordinating, developing, managing, and advancing Tribal interests related to this duty, which encompasses, but is not limited to broadband, electromagnetic spectrum, technology, electric vehicle initiatives, and coordination of new technological compacting opportunities on Tribal lands.

ICT provides interagency and interdepartmental coordination and technical assistance to Tribal Nations to develop new national policies and foster consistent intergovernmental and interagency communications that modernize Departmental initiatives related to national wireless, spectrum, broadband, electric vehicle and other Interior priorities on behalf of Tribal Nations.