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Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Report any vulnerabilities to AS-IA, BIA or BIE systems to bia_cirt@bia.gov.

Cybersecurity is a public good that is strongest when the public is given the ability to contribute. A key component to receiving cybersecurity help from the public is to establish a formal policy that describes the activities that can be undertaken in order to find and report vulnerabilities in a legally authorized manner. Such policies enable federal agencies to remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by an adversary – to immense public benefit.

Vulnerability disclosure policies enhance the resiliency of the government’s online services by encouraging meaningful collaboration between federal agencies and the public. They make it easier for the public to know where to send a report, what types of testing are authorized for which systems, and what communication to expect. When agencies integrate vulnerability reporting into their existing cybersecurity risk management activities, they can weigh and address a wider array of concerns. This helps safeguard the information the public has entrusted to the government and gives federal cybersecurity teams more data to protect their agencies. Additionally, ensuring consistent policies across the Executive Branch offers those who report vulnerabilities equivalent protection and a more uniform experience.

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