Branch Highlights

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Who We Serve

The Branch of Renewable and Distributed Generation provides American Indian Tribes and Native Alaskan Villages technical assistance and consultation to develop renewable energy and distributed generation projects on their land.

Renewable and distributed energy development represents an opportunity for Tribes to utilize their local resources in support of creating a sustainable economy.  However, there is no one size fits all solution, and identifying the most effective options can be a challenging process. 

The branch can assist with the front-end phases of energy development so that Tribes can secure financing. These phases of energy project development include:

  • Phase 1: Planning & Feasibility
  • Phase 2: Detailed Scoping & Refinement
  • Phase 3: Secure Contracts, Permits & Financing

Services We Provide

About the Branch of Renewable and Distributed Generation

The Branch of Renewable and Distributed Generation is a team of engineers, economists, and business development specialists committed to helping Tribes formulate and implement energy development strategies that best fit with their unique circumstances and long-term visions.

Renewable and Distributed Generation Team

Jennifer Reimann, Branch Chief / Civil Engineer

  • Darryl Brown, Program Analyst
  • Kyle Levin, Mechanical Engineer
  • Sierra Squire, Natural Resource Specialist