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Branch of Fluid Minerals

2020-2021 Major Accomplishments

infographic of Fluid Minerals highlights

Who We Serve

The Branch of Fluid Minerals provides technical support for oil and natural gas energy resources, helium development, and subsurface geothermal support for Tribes and individual Indian landowners.

The branch also works with industry partners to provide mapping, information, and contact with Tribes interested in developing oil and gas resources on their land.

Upcoming Events

Services We Provide

About the Branch of Fluid Minerals

The Branch of Fluid Minerals staff are experienced, highly-trained staff to assist Tribes and individual Indians in evaluating, understanding, and capitalizing on their energy and mineral resources. We can also connect your project with our extensive network of industry contacts, professionals, academic institutions, and government agencies.

With our customized, in-house developed project management methods we can advise on projects of any size and at any stage of development. We focus on sustainable economic growth, value creation, and Tribal job growth. Specific services we offer include:

  • Collecting and interpreting geologic and geophysical data sets, such as well logs, cores, geochemical data, and 2D and 3D seismic data.
  • Helping to write in-depth oil and gas leases or Indian Mineral Development Act (IMDA) agreements using engineering, geologic and economic analysis.
  • Assisting with marketing and promotion for your project, including designing and showcasing brochures and technical posters at oil and gas expos.
  • Connecting Indian Tribes with our network of industry contacts, professionals, academic institutions, and government agencies.
  • Project management and consulting to guide energy projects from conception to execution.
  • Providing creative solutions to complex problems.

Fluid Minerals Team

Zane Gordon, Branch Chief / Petroleum Engineer

  • Roberto Betancourt, Petroleum Engineer
  • Ben Bymers, Petroleum Geologist 
  • Joe Dellenbach, Petroleum Geologist
  • Paul Differding, Geophysicist
  • Bryce Fugate, Petroleum Engineer
  • Archana "Archie" Kumari, Petroleum Engineer (Geothermal)
  • Ryan Lambrecht, Geophysical Processor
  • Janelle McLean, Petroleum Engineer
  • Ralph Nelms, Program Analyst
  • Leslie Nelson, Petroleum Engineer
  • Kristine Peterson, Petroleum Geologist
  • Jim Van Meter, Petroleum Geologist

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