• EMDP Grant

    The Division of Energy and Mineral Development (DEMD) Energy and Mineral Development Program (EMDP) grant provides the opportunity for Tribes to receive financial assistance to evaluate the energy and mineral resource potential of their lands.

    For more information, email: emdpgrants@bia.gov

    The submission deadline for EMDP grants was May 13, 2022.

    Thank you to everyone that submitted EMDP grant applications.

    Please check back soon for our next announcement.

  • TEDC Grant

    The DEMD Tribal Energy Development Capacity (TEDC) grant provides the opportunity for Tribes to receive financial assistance to establish the legal framework for developing and regulating their energy resources.

    For more information: email: tedcgrants@bia.gov

    TEDC is Open, Apply Now!

    Current Closing Date for Applications: Jan 11, 2024

Grant Assistance

DEMD staff may provide technical consultation, upon written request by an applicant. The request must clearly identify the type of assistance sought.   

Technical consultation does not include funding to prepare a grant proposal, grant writing assistance, or pre-determinations as to the likelihood that a proposal will be awarded. The applicant is solely responsible for preparing its grant proposal.  

Technical consultation may include clarifying application requirements, confirming whether an applicant previously submitted the same or a similar proposal, and providing registration information for SAM or ASAP.  

DEMD also offers Tribes many in-house technical capabilities and services at no charge. These services include but are not limited to:  

  • searching nearby reference materials for technical literature on previous investigations and work performed in and around reservations 
  • providing well log interpretation 
  • supplying technical mapping capabilities, using data from well log formation tops and seismic data 
  • providing contour mapping capabilities  
  • supplying three-dimensional modeling of mine plans 
  • providing economic analysis and modeling for energy and mineral projects 
  • supplying market studies for various energy and mineral commodities 
  • offering a preliminary opportunity assessment for renewable energy resources 

For more information about DEMD’s technical services, please visit our technical assistance page

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