Who We Serve

The Branch of Geotechnical Data Services (GDS) provides support for the Division of Energy and Mineral Development’s (DEMD) work on Tribal grant and technical assistance projects. To assist Tribes and individual Indian landowners with energy and economic development goals, GDS works closely with each of the DEMD Branches to research and develop geographic information systems (GIS) datasets and cartographic (map) products that show energy demand, existing infrastructure, and energy generation potential.

Services and Resources for Tribes

For Industry Partners

The links below provide information and guidance to oil and gas industry partners on working with Tribes and collaborating on projects in Indian Country.

About the Branch of Geotechnical Data Services

The Branch of Geotechnical Data Services (GDS) team provides valuable geotechnical data support to Tribes, federal agencies and DEMD branch offices. 

Services Provided:

  • Storing and securely protecting existing Tribal data 
  • Exploration of Indian Mineral Development Act (IMDA) agreements 
  • Acquiring new data to expedite energy and economic development 
  • Performing certain types of technical interpretation of data and providing this information to Tribes or making it easily accessible 
  • Technical map creation for displaying existing and potential opportunities for development of energy and economic resources 
  • Supporting DEMD branches: Fluid Minerals, Solid Minerals, Renewable and Distributed Generation, and NIOGEMS

Types of Data Available:

Exploration Data

  • Seismic (2-D and 3-D surveys) 
  • Aeromagnetic 
  • Gravity 
  • Well (IHS) 
  • Basin Modeling 
  • Resistivity 

GIS Data

  • Administrative boundaries 
  • Lease and tract ownership 
  • Natural resources 
  • Local and national infrastructure 
  • Aerial and satellite imagery 

Engineering Data

  • Oil and gas production 
  • Digital well logs 
  • Temperature 
  • Pressure 
  • Pipelines 

Raw Data

  • Reports 
  • Contour Maps 
  • Decline curves 
  • Economic analysis 
  • Revenue projections 

GDS Team 

Daniel Kaim, Branch Chief (Acting) / Petroleum Engineer

  • Ryan Montanez, Geographer (GIS), Team Lead 
  • Sarah Brewer, GIS Specialist
  • Harrison Hannon, GIS Specialist