Seismic reflection data is one of the most popular types of exploration data that the Branch of Geotechnical Data Services (GDS) offers to research potential opportunities for development of energy and economic resources on Native lands.

Seismic data provides a high-resolution image of a subsurface and is very expensive to collect and process. Companies appreciate that DEMD is managing this data on behalf of Tribes, which they can view without charge with permission from a Tribe.

This data consists of both 2-D and 3-D surveys.

The GDS team maintains these seismic datasets in Lakewood, Colorado.

Maps of Seismic Data for Tribal lands

The links below open maps of seismic data for the Indian lands listed.

These maps are in PDF format and are available for download.

Seismic data may include field and/or processed data. Please refer to individual maps for details regarding what data products are available.

Due to the volume of data available, some reservations may have multiple maps.

*Click on a link to launch a map

Maps of Indian Lands Showing Seismic Data
ReservationTribe/NationStateSeismic*Lines/Surveys2-D Miles3-D SQ Miles
Alabama-CoushattaAlabama-Coushatta TribeTX
1 184.52
BlackfeetBlackfeet NationMT
Cheyenne RiverCheyenne River Sioux TribeSD
CrowCrow NationMT 1611146.44 
Fort BelknapGros Ventre and Assiniboine TribesMT
Fort BertholdThree Affiliated TribesND
Fort PeckAssiniboine and Sioux TribesMT 1181607.06533.24
Jicarilla ApacheJicarilla Apache TribeNM 78880.3127.23
NavajoNavajo NationAZ, NM, UT 405153489.46
Northern CheyenneNorthern Cheyenne TribeMT
OsageOsage TribeOK  115379.95515.86
Rocky Boy'sChippewa-Cree TribeMT
42 156.37  
Southern UteSouthern Ute TribeCO
48 228.43  
Standing RockStanding Rock Sioux TribeND, SD
Uintah and OurayUte TribeUT 1141.4781.97
Ute Mountain UteUte Mountain Ute TribeCO, NM 2241508.72134.08
Wind RiverNorthern Arapaho
and Eastern Shoshone Tribes
WY 111834.28 

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