Our Mission

The mission of the Branch of Geospatial Support is to assist Tribal governments and Indian Affairs to manage the cultural and natural resources of Indian Country by providing Geographic Information Systems software, training and technical support.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Area Representation Dataset

The Land Area Representation (LAR) dataset is the Bureau of Indian Affair’s (BIA) official geospatial representation of American Indian land areas for federally recognized tribes. The BIA LAR dataset is used as the authoritative land area for the BIA’s mission.  The LAR dataset is publicly available, with published guidelines on how to use the data appropriately.

The LAR dataset is currently being modernized and will be updated later in 2022 with a regular update schedule.

Who We Serve

The Branch of Geospatial Support (BOGS) is the technical support office to Indian Affairs (IA) and all federally recognized Tribes for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a part of the Department of Interior – Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) ESRI Enterprise License Agreement.

We serve the Regional Geographic Coordinators in their work with Tribes and local BIA agencies. We also provide resources for BIA stakeholders in their mapping endeavors as well as represent the BIA to other agencies, units of government and the public by presenting authoritative maps as approved by information security standards.

Services We Provide

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About the Branch of Geospatial Support

The Branch of Geospatial Support provides software, training and technical support through Department of the Interior’s Enterprise License Agreement for the GIS applications ArcGIS, Avenza Maps Pro, and DigitalGlobe.

Our training programs teach Tribal governments and Indian Affairs how to use GIS software to enhance their land management programs, including irrigation flood plain analysis, forest harvesting, wildland fire analysis, oil and gas management and other economic analyses.