Through the Department of the Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs Enterprise License Agreement (DOI-BIA ELA) program, BIA employees and employees of federally-recognized Tribes may access a variety of geographic information systems (GIS) online courses and instructor-led training events throughout the year at no cost to them.

These online GIS courses and instructor-led training events are hosted by the Branch of Geospatial Support (BOGS) or offered by BOGS in partnership with other organizations and federal agencies.

Online courses are self-paced and available year-round, while instructor-led training events have limited capacity and require registration and attendance on specific dates.

To access these geospatial courses and training events, you must be an active DOI-BIA ELA program participant. Visit Apply to Participate in the DOI-BIA ELA Program for details on how to become an active DOI-BIA ELA participant.

In addition, active DOI-BIA ELA participants must contact the Geospatial Support Help Desk to request access to learning platforms requiring user account creation and approval.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Esri E-Learning

All resources listed as free or requiring a maintenance subscription in Esri’s e-Learning Course Catalog are included in the DOI-BIA ELA program and available to active DOI-BIA ELA participants. Over 400 resources in the catalog qualify.

View eligible resources in Esri’s e-Learning Course Catalog.

To participate in Esri e-Learning, email the Geospatial Support Help Desk and request Esri e-Learning access. Once approved, you will receive an email with the subject “Invitation to take Esri Training” that provides instructions for your new or existing Esri account.

Geospatial Training Services

Geospatial Training Services offers over 40 online courses to active DOI-BIA ELA participants. Courses include lectures, exercise instructions, and exercise files.

To participate in Geospatial Training Services’ courses, email the Geospatial Support Help Desk and request Geospatial Training Services access.

Instructor-Led Online Training Events

Upcoming BOGS-led online training events and training events in partnership with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) will be listed here as they become available.

The GEO Project

BOGS has partnered with Mississippi State University’s Geospatial Education and Outreach (GEO) Project to offer online courses to active DOI-BIA ELA participants.

GEO Project courses have a capacity limit and require registration. While self-paced, the course materials are available only for a finite time period. During that time, an instructor is available for assistance and questions.

To inquire about these courses, contact the Geospatial Support Help Desk.

Esri Instructor-Led Training

Esri instructor-led training events are periodically available throughout the year and can be found in the Events section below.

New training dates are added as they become available. Training dates and availability are subject to change at the discretion of BOGS and GIS instructors.

Registration for each training event becomes available in the event description approximately 30 days before the event start date.

Active DOI-BIA ELA participants are encouraged to register for any course. Due to limited availability, some training event descriptions indicate a target audience that will receive registration priority.

Registrants will be notified of their registration status two weeks before the course start date.

On-Site Training Events

Coming soon.

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