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Indian Affairs Workplace Harassment and Prevention

This webpage provides policies and procedures for addressing harassment in the workplace.


The Department's Personnel Bulletin 18-01, Prevention and Elimination of Harassing Conduct, defines unacceptable conduct; outlines the rights and responsibilities of employees, supervisors, and managers; and establishes reporting procedures and accountability measures.

DOI Resources 

BIA and BIE Resources  

Important Resources (for reporting)


BIA Human Resources Employee Relations Point of Contacts

Dawn Muth (AS-IA, Central Office, Great Plains Region, and Office of Justice Services)
Supervisory Human Resources Specialist
Employee and Labor Relations 
Email:  Dawn.Muth@bia.gov
Phone:  (503) 505-2796
Clayton Belgarde (Rocky Mountain, Eastern, and District 5-OJS)
Human Resources Specialist 
Email:  Clayton.Belgarde@bia.gov
Phone:  (605) 226-7402
Monica Cooper (Southern Plains, Alaska, Eastern Oklahoma, Pacific and Midwest) 
Human Resources Specialist 
Email:  Monica.Cooper@bia.gov
Phone:  (605) 226-7402
Lorna Cuny (Northwest, Southwest, and Navajo) 
Human Resources Specialist 
Phone:  (605) 348-2567  
Lena Fasthorse Buck (Western Region)
Human Resources Specialist
Email: Lena.FasthorseBuck@bia.gov
Phone:  (602) 379-9800
Alicia De Cardona-Rivera (OJS)
Human Resources Specialist (ER/LR)
Phone:  (703) 390-6654

BIE Human Resources Employee Relations Point of Contacts

Glenn Himebaugh (BIE)
Manager, Employee & Labor Relations
Email: Glenn.Himebaugh@bia.gov             
Phone:  (505) 563-5323
Alexandria Lee
Human Resources Specialist
Email:  Alexandria.Lee@bia.gov
Phone:  (505) 563-5079

BIA & BIE Equal Employment Office

Steven Giles
EEO Officer   
Phone:  (703) 390-6470
For EEO Complaints:
Email:  bia_bie_eeo@bia.gov
Phone:  (703) 390-6410

BIA & BIE Ombuds Point of Contact

Brian J Bloch
DOI - Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution
Phone:  (301) 814-7262


OIG Hotline

Phone:  1-800-424-5081

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