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Johnna Blackhair is the Deputy Bureau Director for Trust Services at the Bureau of Indian Affairs. She oversees 16 divisions responsible for assisting 574 tribal governments and allottees (individual Indians owning federal Indian trust assets) in managing, protecting, and developing their trust lands and natural resources, totaling 56 million surface acres and 60 million acres of subsurface mineral estates.

Blackhair began her official federal career in 1991 in the Land Conservation Office at the Uintah and Ouray Agency in Fort Duchesne, Utah, where she conducted various real estate transactions, natural resource, and conservation functions. She served as the Realty Officer in 2002 at the agency and became the Southwest Regional Officer in 2010.

Throughout her federal career, she has held a number of field leadership positions and supported national initiatives, including Superintendent positions at Mescalero Agency (NM) and Uintah and Ouray Agency (UT), Eastern Regional Office Deputy Regional Director, Eastern Regional Office Regional Director (TN), covering as the Superintendent at the Seminole Agency (FL), Syracuse Field Office (NY), Choctaw Agency (MS), Acting Associate Deputy Bureau Director - Trust Services in January to April 2018 (DC), and in September 2019, she was named Deputy Bureau Director - Trust. In addition to her national Trust roles, Blackhair acted in the capacity of the Deputy Bureau Director, Indian Services (DC) for 15 months (July 2022 – Oct. 2023).

Currently, Blackhair is one of four Department of the Interior federal employees appointed to the Congressional Wildland Fire Mitigation & Management Commission and held BIA’s leadership role on the national Wildland Fire Leadership Council and the Senior Executive leading Indian Energy Service Center in Lakewood, Colorado, since 2018.

Blackhair is an enrolled member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe in Montana. She holds an associate's degree from Northern Montana College and a bachelor’s degree in information systems and business administration from Utah State University. She remains connected with her culture, traditional arts, crafts, and ceremonies and enjoys time in the outdoors with her family.


Johnna Blackhair

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