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Osage Agency

The Osage Agency is under the general supervision of the Superintendent, who is the Line Officer in Charge.  The Osage Agency proudly serves the Osage Nation, administering leasing and development of the 1.45 million-acre Osage Mineral Estate and overseeing more than 135,000 acres of trust and restricted lands in Osage County, Oklahoma.  The Osage Agency has four branches:  Executive Direction, Probate, Realty, and Minerals.  The Branch of Minerals has five divisions:  Lease Management, Accounting, Subsurface Leasing, Enforcement and Lease Compliance, and Field Operations.

Cammi Canady, Acting Superintendent - Osage Agency

Email: cammi.canady@bia.gov 


The Proposed Rule revising the regulations in 25 C.F.R. part 226 was published in the Federal Register on January 13, 2023.  The BIA is holding a public meeting on the Proposed Rule at the Osage Casino in Skiatook, Oklahoma on February 8, 2023 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  Please submit public comments on the Proposed Rule by March 17, 2023.  Click here for a copy of the Proposed Rule.  



American Burying Beetle Guidance

NEPA Documents


  • The regulations governing leasing and development of the Osage Mineral Estate are set forth in 25 C.F.R. part 226 - Leasing of Osage Reservation Lands for Oil and Gas Mining,  A copy of the regulations is available for review in the Owners Room at the Osage Agency.  You can also access an electronic copy of the Code of Federal Regulations free-of-charge on the U.S. Government Publishing Office's (GPO) eCFR.gov website.
  • The BIA, in consultation with the Osage Nation and Osage Minerals Council, determined that it is appropriate to revise and update the regulations in 25 C.F.R. part 226.  In accordance with such consultation, the BIA initiated the agency rulemaking process.  For more information regarding the BIA's current effort to revise the regulations, please visit the DOI Office of Regulatory Affairs and Collaborative Action's website by clicking this link. 







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