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Eastern Region

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The Eastern Regional Office is under the direction of the Regional Director, who is responsible to the Deputy Director, of Field Operations, in Washington, D.C. The Regional Director represents the Eastern Region in dealing with other governmental entities and tribal entities. The Regional Director serves as the representative for the Director, with the responsibility to work toward strengthening intergovernmental assistance to all the Federally-recognized tribes under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Regional Office. The Eastern Region has a Deputy Regional Director, who works directly under the Regional Director.

The Deputy Regional Director serves as the designated official for maintaining and discharging the trust responsibility of the Secretary of the Interior through public laws and restricted requirements concerning tribally owned lands. He works closely with the Regional Trust Administrator to administer trust asset management activities within the Region. He is responsible for budgeting, program planning, and developing mutual relationships with Natural Resources, Forestry and Real Estate Services groups.

The Eastern Regional Office is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Under the Regional office are Agencies located in Cherokee, North Carolina, Hollywood, Florida, and Philadelphia, Mississippi. The New York Field Office formerly located in Syracuse, New York, is temporarily located in Cherokee, North Carolina.

The Eastern Region encompasses a dynamic and diverse mix of Tribes and natural resources. There are over 62,000 Tribal Members that make up the 34 Tribes under the Eastern Region’s jurisdiction. The service area includes 460,980 acres held in trust, and 102,677 acres of restricted lands. The Eastern Region’s jurisdictional area consists of the states from Maine to Florida over to Louisiana and up to Illinois. Despite covering twenty-seven states, there are only twelve states inhabited by federally recognized tribes in the Eastern Region.

The following tribes are served by the Regional Office:

Aroostook Band of Micmacs Catawba Indian Tribe Cayuga Nation Chickahominy Indian Tribe Chickahominy Indians - Eastern Division Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana Coushatta Indian Tribe of Louisiana Eastern Band of Cherokee Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians Jena Band of Choctaw Indians Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Miccosukee Tribe Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Mohegan Indian Tribe Monacan Indian Nation Nansemond Indian Tribe Narragansett Indian Tribe Oneida Indian Nation Onondaga Indian Nation Pamunkey Indian Tribe Passamaquoddy Tribe – Indian Township Passamaquoddy Tribe – Pleasant Point Penobscot Nation Poarch Band of Creek Indians Rappahannock Tribe, Inc. Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Seminole Tribe of Florida Seneca Nation of Indians Shinnecock Indian Nation Upper Mattaponi Tribe Tonawanda Band of Seneca Indians Tunica/Biloxi Indians of Louisiana Tuscarora Nation Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah)

Maine South Carolina New York Virginia Virginia Louisiana Louisiana North Carolina Maine Louisiana Connecticut Massachusetts Florida Mississippi Connecticut Virginia Virginia Rhode Island New York New York Virginia Maine Maine Maine Alabama Virginia New York Florida New York New York Virginia New York Louisiana New York Massachusetts

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