Our Mission

The mission of the Branch of Water Resources is to administer the Water Resources programs for the purpose of managing, conserving and utilizing Reservation water resources, and to provide the necessary technical research, studies and other information for Indian Tribes and Alaska Natives to serve as informed and prudent mangers of adjudicated decreed or of water otherwise appurtenant to Tribal and or Indian trust lands including public domain allotments.

Conservation Legacy WaterCorps

The Branch of Water Resources partners with Conservation Legacy to sponsor Bureau of Indian Affairs WaterCorps: a 26-week hands-on service and training program for prospective water technicians. Topics include basic surface and ground water hydrology, hydro-power, flood control, data collection & analysis, groundwater movement and more.

Who We Serve

The Branch of Water Resources (WR) funds and administers water resource programs for Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). WR managed the following programs: the Water Rights Negotiation/Litigation Program; the Water Management, Planning, and Pre-Development Program; Attorney Fees and Litigation Support; Tribal Priority Allocations (TPA) for Water Resources; and Indian Land and Water Settlement Claims.

Services We Provide



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About the Branch of Water Resources

As part of the central office Division of Water and Power, the Branch of Water Resources provides policy, oversight, and support to BIA regional offices, local BIA agencies, and Tribes.

Water resources technical assistance and coordination is provided to Tribes by water resource personnel at BIA regional offices and local BIA agencies. When contacting your local BIA office or agency for support, water resource personnel may also be organized under the local Division of Natural Resources departments.