Tribal priority allocations (TPA) are a collection of programs that provide federal funding for basic Tribal services. TPA gives Tribes the opportunity to further Indian self-determination by establishing their own priorities and reallocating federal funds among programs in this budget category.

The TPA for Water Resources program provides funding for Tribal staff to administer water supplies to ensure sustainability on Indian trust lands. The Water Resources program, in full partnership with Tribes, is committed to the President’s priority to both support Tribal Nations and address water resources issues affecting Tribal trust land.

TPA Water Resources funding contributes to ecosystems and landscape scale conservation, one of the Department of the Interior’s priority initiatives. This program empowers more Indian Tribes and Alaska Native villages to effectively and efficiently manage their water resources. The BIA supports the following Tribal water activities through TPA funds:

  • Developing water resources technical studies,
  • Using scientific tools for strategic decision making,
  • Providing assistance for clean water to communities,
  • Restoring habitats for fish and wildlife,
  • Addressing drought on Native lands, and,
  • Supporting various other water-related issues.

TPA Water Resources funding is distributed differently from other BIA water programs. TPA funding levels are formula-based rather than awarded to Tribes through a competitive grant process. Funding allocations are discretionary and are allocated yearly on a non-recurring basis.

For assistance reallocating or contracting TPA Water Resources funding, contact the Office of Indian Services at your Bureau of Indian Affairs Regional Office.

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