Required Courses:

The courses listed below are required for BIA, BIE, and BTFA employees. These courses can be found on the DOI Learn platform.

  • No FEAR Act Training - The four goals for this training:
    • Recognizing and managing our rights and responsibilities regarding anti-discrimination, whistleblowing, and diversity and inclusion;
    • Exploring positive and effective ways to respond to real life stressors, conduct, and performance situations;
    • Enhancing interpersonal communication skills and strategies; and
    • Ensuring that we, as stewards of the public trust, adhere to high ethical standards and conduct ourselves with accountability and integrity.
  • EEO and Preventing Discrimination in the Federal Workplace
    • As a manager; it is essential to use recruitment strategies that attract the right candidates. It is just as important to avoid discrimination; both intentional and unintentional. In this course; you will learn about the Equal Employment Opportunity laws that guide your agency's recruiting efforts and how to help ensure your hiring practices are fair and lawful.

Additional EEO & Diversity Related Training:

Several EEO development courses are required for BIA employees. Those in supervisory positions will be required to take additional training, as noted below. In addition to these, DOI Learn offers additional elective courses for employee and supervisor awareness of programs and policies within the Federal Government.

  • EEO and Lawful Hiring
  • BIA Civil Treatment for Leaders
  • BIA Civil Treatment for Employees
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees
    • Sexual Harassment can have a disastrous impact on victims; offenders; and the organization in which the offenses occur. Training employees in the essentials of prohibited conduct is an important part of reducing liability and maintaining a professional work environment. This course helps participants identify the types of sexual harassment and recognize behaviors that may be considered sexually harassing in the workplace. You will also learn about courses of action available to victims; as well as the rights of employees and the responsibilities of employers relative to sexual harassment in the workplace.