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EEO Policies and Guidance


SUBJECT: Prevention and Elimination of Harassing Conduct:https://www.doi.gov/employees/anti-harassment/personnel-bulletin-18-01

Equal Opportunity and Workplace Conduct 2018:https://www.doi.gov/employees/anti-harassment

Secretary Zinke - Anti-Harassment Policy Statement  Deputy Secretary Message - Month Two September 22, 2017 PDFDeputy Secretary Message - Day One August 1, 2017 PDF

Agency Policy Letters

DOI Policy on Equal Opportunity and Workplace ConductDOI Workplace Conduct MemorandumDOI Harassment Policy  April 12, 2017DOI EEO Training for Managers & EmployeesDOI Personnel Bulletin 13-03 - Transgender PolicyDOI Personnel Bulletin 14-02 - Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with DisabilitiesDOI Personnel Bulletin 17-09 - Mandatory Training on EEO, Prohibited Personnel Practices, Whistleblower Protection, and No Fear Act of 2002  April 14, 2017

Additional Guidance:

OPM Guidance: Addressing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination in Federal Civilian EmploymentOPM Guidance Regarding the Employment of Transgender Individuals in the Federal Workplace January 2017EEOC Policy Guidance - Regulations, Laws and legal precedence organized by topicEEOC Federal Sector Reports - Working Groups reporting on Federal EEO SectorsEEOC Pregnancy Discrimination Act Fact Sheet - Pregnancy Discrimination Fact SheetIndian Hiring Preference under Title VII - EEOC Indian Hiring Preference descriptionIndian Affairs Policy Manual - Procedures for BIA & BIE employees to file complaints of discrimination

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