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Branch of Forest Resources Planning (BOFRP)

The Branch of Forest Resources Planning (BOFRP) is the technical branch of the BIA Division of Forestry and Wildland Fire Management. The BOFRP provides staff assistance and advice to the division relative to the formulation and implementation of national policies affecting the analysis, evaluation, development and coordination of forest inventories, data utilization and resource planning. The BOFRP serves as the division's national archive for reservation forest data and the national library of forest planning documents.

The BOFRP's highest priority is to serve Tribes and forestry field staff by providing technical expertise in forest inventory, data collection design and analysis, and the management planning process. The BOFRP maintains facilities for data processing, application development, biological modeling and automated systems for practical forest management in Indian Country.

Our mission is to provide specialized technical expertise necessary to facilitate the accomplishment of all phases of forest resource inventory and management planning critical to successful management of Indian resources. A critical component of this mission is to increase the Indian owners' comprehension of provided information. We firmly believe that knowledge is the key to understanding, and understanding is essential to good resource stewardship.

The BOFRP forest inventory staff offers a variety of expertise and services to both BIA and tribal field forestry staffs:

  • Pre-inventory Planning
  • Field Inventory Design & Specifications
  • Sampling Designs
  • Inventory Processing & Analysis
  • Harvest Scheduling
  • Growth and Yield Modeling
  • Field Inventory Training
  • Records Management 

We maintain annual and periodic official records critical to the National Indian Forestry Program. This includes:

  • Catalog of Forest Acres
  • Status of FMI&P programs
  • Forestry Program F&P Analysis

Chief, Branch of Forest Resources Planning USDI Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of the Deputy Bureau Director - Trust Services Division of Forestry and Wildland Fire Management 13922 Denver West Parkway, Suite 350 Lakewood, Colorado 80401 (720) 484-3206

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