A forest management plan (FMP) is defined as “…the principal document, approved by the Secretary, reflecting and consistent with an integrated resource management plan, which provides for the regulation of the detailed, multiple-use operation of Indian forest land by methods ensuring that such lands remain in a continuously productive state while meeting the objectives of the tribe and which shall include: Standards setting forth the funding and staffing requirements necessary to carry out each management plan, with a report of current forestry funding and staffing levels; and standards providing quantitative criteria to evaluate performance against the objectives set forth in the plan.”

FMPs must be approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) regional director of the BIA region where the forest is located. The FMP should be periodically reviewed and may be revised to address changes in Tribal goals and objectives, forest management policy, or a change in the state or condition of forest/timber resources.

The National Indian Forest Resources Management Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-630) mandates that all management activities on Indian trust forest lands be consistent with an approved FMP, with few exceptions.

Forest Management Plans

The Branch of Forest Inventory and Planning (FIP) is responsible for providing national forest planning program direction, oversight, and guidance to the regions to facilitate forest management planning. For information about technical assistance requests or FMP minimum content requirements and recommendations, please contact your regional Forest Management Inventory and Planning (FMIP) Forester or Regional Forester.

Forest Planning Document Archive

The FMP and all supporting documents are permanently archived in the National Forestry Library maintained by FIP. To assure the management record is complete two paper copies and an electronic copy of the approved planning document is required to be forwarded to FIP for permanent retention.

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