The BIA, Housing Improvement Program (HIP), also known as Housing Program (HP), seeks to enhance the quality of life of qualified individuals by addressing sub-standard housing and homelessness for members of federally recognized Tribes. The program provides grant funding for housing repairs and renovations of existing homes, construction of modest replacement homes, housing down payments to use in conjunction with other Federal and State programs, or construction of modest homes for families who do not own a home but have ownership or lease of sufficient land suitable for housing. Program funding is available to federally recognized Tribes for use in providing program services to Tribal applicants who meet the eligibility criteria in 25 CFR § 256. The HP targets eligible applicants and is based upon a priority ranking that includes factors such as income, age, veterans, disability, and dependent children.

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  1. You are a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe;
  2. You live in an approved tribal service area;
  3. Your annual income is 150 percent or less of the Department of Health and Human Services poverty income guidelines;
  4. Your present housing is substandard;
  5. You meet the ownership requirements for the assistance needed. Please see further detail based on the assistance categories;
  6. You have no other resource for housing assistance;
  7. You have not previously received assistance, except the interim improvement assistance; and
  8. You did not acquire your present housing through past participation in a Federal government-sponsored housing program over the previous 20 year period.

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