Service area means any of the following within a geographical area designated by the tribe and approved by the BIA Regional Director to which services can be delivered:

  1. Reservations (former reservations in Oklahoma);
  2. Allotments;
  3. Restricted lands; and
  4. Indian-owned lands (including lands owned by corporations established pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act).

Does it matter where I live in order to apply

Based on the policy, it does matter where you live. You must live within your tribe’s servicing area.

Can I apply if I live within another tribe’s servicing area

You could apply if you have their permission to be included on their Tribal Work Plan.

As a member of the Cherokee Nation, Could I apply for HP funds if I live in California

You could apply if you are going to move to your tribe’s servicing area. The Cherokee Nation is in Oklahoma, so you would have to be living within their servicing area in Oklahoma. The Regional Offices service those federally recognized tribes that are located within their specific regional boundary (i.e., the Regional Office in Sacramento services).

Can I build the house which received housing program funding on fee land?

You could, but it is NOT recommended. You could become responsible for the payment of yearly Property Taxes.

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