The housing program is a grant program that addresses the housing needs of those Indians who cannot qualify for housing assistance from any other source. It involves the repair and renovation of existing housing or the construction of a new unit. Individual Federally-recognized Indian tribe’s participation is mandatory and their direct administration of the housing program is encouraged. The selection of eligible families or individuals for housing program services is done through a screening process by assigning points to specific ranking factors documented in the application.

What You Need

1. Complete and sign BIA Form 6407.

2. Proof of your tribal membership, such as Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) or a copy of your tribal membership card.

3. Proof of income from all permanent members of your household.

a. Submit signed copies of current 1040 tax returns from all permanent members of the household, including W-2s and all other attachments. Submit the Social Security number of the applicant only.

b. Provide proof of all other income from all permanent members of the household. This includes unearned income such as Social Security, general assistance, retirement, and unemployment benefits.

c. If you or other household members did not file a tax return, submit a signed notarized statement explaining why you did not.

4. Your annual trust income statement for your Individual Indian Money (IIM) account from your home agency. If you do not have an IIM account, furnish a statement from your home agency to that effect.

5. Proof of ownership of the residence and land or potential leasehold interest.

a. For fee property, provide a copy of a fully executed deed, which is available at your local county or parish court house;

b. For trust property, provide certification of ownership from your home agency;

c. For tribally owned land, provide a copy of a properly executed tribal assignment, certified by the tribe;

d. For multi-owner property, provide a copy of a properly executed lease;

e. For a potential lease, provide proof of ability to acquire an undivided leasehold (that is, you will be the only lessee) for a minimum of 25 years from the date of service; or

f. For down-payment assistance, provide a description and the location of the house to be purchased, verification of your intent to purchase, and the sale price of the house.

6. if you seek down payment assistance, provide a letter from the institution where you have applied for mortgage financing that specifies.

a. The down payment amount; and

b. The closing costs required for you to qualify for the loan.


No application fee

How to Apply

By Mail

Mail all required materials to the Tribal Servicing Office. You could also deliver the materials to the Tribal Servicing Office in person.

Please use the search by state function to find contact information.

Poarch Band of Creek Indians
(251) 368-9136
5811 Jack Springs Road Atmore, Alabama 36502
Served By Eastern Region , Eastern Regional Office

Next Steps

The servicing housing office will review your application to make sure that it is complete and will use your completed application to determine if you are eligible for the HIP.

The servicing housing office will develop a list of the applications received and considered for the Housing Program for the current program year.

Your servicing housing office will inform you whether you will receive funds in writing after it completes the list of the applications.