The Housing Program targets eligible applicants are evaluated based on income, age, veterans, disability, and dependent children.

In addition to these eligibility requirements, the availability of funding for the Housing Program also depends on the annual appropriation from the federal government. If the appropriation is low, then there may not be enough funding to provide assistance to all eligible applicants.

What can I do, if anything, to get more points?

Unfortunately, unless you have a life change event (marriage, birth, someone in your household becomes disabled, etc.) that will change your points up (+) or down (-) these points are something that cannot be controlled. The Down Payment Assistance factor is the only factor that IS within your control. If you have the means, and are interested in applying for a loan to achieve homeownership, upon credit approval, your application will receive an additional 25 points, towards HIP down payment assistance

I have applied for the past six (6) years and every year I am eligible but I never get funding; why I’m at the top of my Tribe’s work plan?

Your tribe’s Work Plan is combined every year with all the other tribes within your Region. Your application is not only competing with other applicants within your Tribe, but the Region, as well. How much funding your Region receives, will also play a part in how many applications will get funded. Every year the number of eligible applicants, the number of tribes participating, and the amount your Region receives is different

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