Indian Affairs provides and maintains employee quarters units consisting of single family and multiple family dwellings to support the mission of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) throughout the country. These quarters units are typically located in remote areas where private-sector housing is not available and are provided to key employees such as school principals, teachers, law enforcement and corrections officers, facility managers, security officers, and other staff determined by the programs. The Indian Affairs has over 3,009 of units at 120 sites.

Quarters at BIA and BIE locations are locally managed by a housing manager and housing committee and maintained by personnel on-site. Rent collected from occupied units is returned to the location of collection and is used for maintenance and upkeep of the units. List of local housing managers.

Tenant Information

For tenants, please visit the website below to obtain a copy of the Federal Tenant Brochure and for a presentation on how rental rates are determined and set.

DOI Quarters Management Program

The Department of the Interior’s Quarters Management Program provides services for over 18,000 government-furnished housing units owned by 19 federal agencies and agencies are represented by the National Housing Council. The DOI Quarters Management is operated in accordance with OMB Circular A-45.

The Indian Affairs representative to the National Housing Committee (TBD) Division of Facilities Management and Construction in Albuquerque, NM. For more information on the DOI program, please visit the following website:

The DOI Quarters Management administers the Internet Quarters Management Information System (iQMIS) to manage Government quarters units. Please see the link for more information on iQMIS and available training.

Training on iQMIS for Housing Managers and Tenant Managers

For Housing Managers and Tenant Managers, please visit the link to access training on iQMIS Training.

Indian Affairs National Contact - TBD

Regional Contacts

Please see the list of BIA Regional Quarters Managers for your Regional contact.