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Indian Affairs Public Health and Safety Program Training Series for Fiscal Year 2022

Purpose: Indian Affairs Offices of Facilities, Property and Safety Management (OFPSM), Public Health and Safety Program is hosting a public health training series in FY 2022. The series will include monthly one-hour training sessions via Microsoft Teams. The purpose is to build knowledge and capacity among Indian Affairs employees to advance the health and safety of their workplaces and communities.

Target Audience: Includes senior leaders (such as Agency superintendents), Collateral Duty Safety Officers, facility managers, school principals/administrators, supervisory law enforcement/corrections officers, and other employees for whom the information is relevant.

How to Join: Register for the training topics you wish to attend using the link below. Registered participants will receive a calendar invitation for each topic and will be able to join the session by computer or by phone. If registration exceeds the online capacity for a topic, we can host another session on the same topic.
Participants can use this REGISTRATION LINK to sign up for training sessions.

Training Topics by Month (see Registration Link page for detailed dates and times):

Date Topic Description
Oct 2021 COVID-19 Refresher for Indian Affairs

This topic will summarize COVID-19 safe practices for the workplace, including updated guidance on vaccines and testing.

 Nov 2021 Cold/Heat Stress Hazards and Protective Equipment

This topic will cover hazards for employees working in extreme temperatures, including control strategies and personal protective equipment.

Jan 2022

Drinking Water Quality

This topic will cover water quality reports, water system best practices, common contamination concerns, and response procedures.

Feb 2022

Employee Wellness and DOI Employee Assistance

This topic will provide ideas and resources for how managers and supervisors can promote the health and wellness of their employees.

Mar 2022

Ergonomics and Workstation Set-Up

This topic will cover assessing and configuring workstations, including telework, to maximize comfort/productivity and reduce risk of injury.

Apr 2022

Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality

This topic will cover air contaminants indoors and outdoors, best practices to improve air quality and to respond to workplace concerns.

May 2022

Coordination with Health Systems, including IHS

This topic will cover healthcare and public health systems relevant to IA missions and how to improve coordination of services for our stakeholders.

Jun 2022

Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control

This topic will cover hazards and controls for bloodborne pathogens (BBP) and infectious diseases, beyond COVID-19. This satisfies the OSHA annual training requirement for employees with reasonable exposure potential to BBP.

Jul 2022

Pest Management

This topic will cover prevention and control strategies for pests like mosquitoes, rodents, dogs, bed bugs, poisonous plants, and more.

Aug 2022

Public Health Surveillance

This topic will cover how public health data is collected and used to promote population health and safety, and how employers and employees can engage in and benefit from the process.

Sep 2022

Lead Dust and Noise Hazards from Firearms

This topic, directed at Office of Justice Services, will provide information and control strategies for lead dust and noise hazards inherent to firearms usage.

Questions?: Feel free to email the Public Health Team inbox, public.health@bia.gov

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