Here is the contact information for the Office of Facilities, Property and Safety Management (OFPSM) and its branches/divisions. All contacts are current as of September 2023.

Office, Branch, or Division Contact Email Phone/Fax
Office of Facilities, Property and Safety Management  Judith Wilson, Director

(571) 560-0586 (Work)

(202) 657-9694 (Cell)

Division of Facilities Management and Construction Eric Sutula, Division Chief

(505) 382-1331 (Cell)

Division of Safety and Risk Management Paul Holley, Division Chief

(505) 563-5365

(505) 563-5363 (Fax)

IA Public Health and Safety Program Scott Sufficool, Program Chief (202) 507-0555 (Cell)
Branch of Real Property and Leasing Edelma Galarza-Valentin, Branch Chief (202) 281-8718
Branch of Personal Property Management Michael Wischnewski, Acting Branch Chief

(571) 560-0673 (Work)

(202) 281-6308 (Cell)