Our Mission

The Indian Affairs Offices of Facilities, Property and Safety Management (OFPSM) oversees the Division of Safety and Risk Management (DSRM). DSRM’s mission is to provide senior leadership, policy, and oversight for Indian Affairs’ (IA) safety programs required by law. This includes occupational safety and health, industrial safety, and non-law enforcement public safety. DSRM seeks to develop, revise, evaluate, and implement policy, plans, programs, directives, and guidelines that are published in the Indian Affairs Manual (IAM).

OFPSM is working on making our pages more user-friendly and service-oriented. During this time, there may be some discrepancies between the layouts of organizational and specific service pages as they enter the review and approval stages. We encourage you to contact the Division of Safety and Risk Management below if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Who We Serve

DSRM is designated as the Authority Having Jurisdiction for Indian Affairs. DSRM is responsible to assure construction, major repair, alteration, rehabilitation, and remodeling of buildings, physical plants, and facilities that meet IA policy, adopted safety and health codes, and mandated standards for IA controlled facilities. In addition, we review architectural and engineering drawings, specifications, shop design submittals, and all other documents for construction and major rehabilitation and/or repair of facilities and existing facilities for compliance with applicable health and safety codes and standards.

DSRM conducts acceptance inspections for new construction and major renovation projects for the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. DSRM is also responsible for maintaining a records system of all inspections and evaluations to provide information on health and safety conditions to IA management as well as Department of the Interior officials. DSRM also conducts annual evaluations of BIA and BIE Occupational Safety and Health Programs.

DSRM is responsible in providing guidance and technical assistance to the following programs to ensure compliance with the following activities and functions:

  • Accommodations for People with Disabilities
  • Building and Safety Code Compliance
  • Employee Loss Compensation
  • Federal Occupational Safety and Health
  • Final Inspection and Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
  • IA - Facilities Management System (IA-FMS)
  • IA - Safety and Condition Assessment Portal (S&CAP)
  • IA - Safety Connect/Safety Management System
  • Indian Affairs Commitment to Safety in the Workplace
  • Indian Affairs’ Fire Marshal
  • Injury Compensation and Return to Work
  • Motor Vehicle Operator Safety
  • Student Safety

Services We Provide


About the Division of Safety and Risk Management (DSRM)

While regional safety managers report to their respective regional director, DSRM provides oversight and technical assistance to enhance regional safety programs that provide services to both the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE).

DSRM Team Members

Team MemberPositionEmailPhone Number

Paul Holley

Safety Mgr./Division Chief


(505) 563-5365

Juliann Jurado

Management Analyst


(505) 563-5369


Admin Support Assistant



Shawn Mansfield

Fire Protection Specialist


(505) 563-5335

Hakon Hansen

Safety & Occupational Health Specialist


(505) 563-5336


Safety & Occupational Health Specialist




Safety & Occupational Health Specialist