The division provides senior leadership, policy and oversight for all Indian Affairs' (IA)Bureau Property Management Program. The Director represents the Bureau on significant property matters with the Department, other Federal agencies, the Congress, local government entities, and commercial interest. Also serves as senior advisor to the AS-IA, DAS-M, Bureau Directors, legal advisors, financial auditors, and education line officials in coordinating the development of IA's position on major policy issues, reporting and quality controls to ensure appropriate recording and classifications in the property's official system of record the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS). The division also provides property management operations support for Central Office (CO).

Real Property Management provides direction, although is not limited to, regarding Real Property purchase UPC assignment; Assets Under Construction finalization review; Real Property acquisitions, transfers, disposals and modifications of Federally owned and leased property; reconciliation of anomalies and audit discrepancies; supplying Real Property data sample per Department requests; providing technical assistance to Indian Affairs (Regions, Agencies and Schools) in relation to real property in FBMS.

The division is responsible for providing guidance and technical assistance to programs to ensure compliance with the following activities/functions:

  • Maintains the IAM (Indian Affairs Manual) in accordance with current policy, statutes, regulation and guidance
  • Audit support and implementation of corrective actions
  • Real and Personal Property Inventory Reporting and Certification
  • Firearms Accountability
  • Fleet Management