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About Us

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Branch of Tribal Climate Resilience (TCR, Branch) was established in 2011 to enable Tribal and BIA Trust resource managers to incorporate climate considerations into their programs' planning and decision-making. As managers identify climate resilient strategies, they can improve outcomes for existing program operations and identify unmet needs to ensure systemic climate resilience for efficient use of existing resources. Tribes can leverage TCR programs to further support their existing operations, program planning, project design, as well as Indigenous and Traditional Knowledges into their management and protection of Trust resources and Tribal economies. 

The Branch's cornerstone Annual Awards Program is able to provide financial support for Federally-recognized Tribal Nations and authorized Tribal organizations through a competitive funding opportunity to build Tribal resilience capacity. The funding categories cover a range of activities (see the Annual Awards Program page for more information). TCR seeks to empower and support Tribal sovereignty through climate adaptation planning, travel, capacity building, feasibility studies and implementation. The Branch also supports relocation, managed retreat, and protect-in-place efforts for Tribal Nations and Alaska Native villages dealing with urgent and acute climate impacts. In addition, the Annual Awards Program offers ocean and coastal management opportunities such as support for marine spacial planning, regional ocean partnerships, and other important efforts. TCR reinforces intergenerational opportunities for internships and youth engagement in the Annual Awards Program, and additionally, partners with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to support Native youth in an annual congress for high school and college-aged students, called the Native Youth Climate Adaptation Leadership Congress. 

TCR has a network of Regional Tribal Cliamte Resilience Liaisons who provide technical assistance to Tribal Nations through trainings, forums, and other exchanges, as well as proposal support. Liaisons are supported through TCR's partnership with regional Tribal organizations that employ the Liaisons (see the Regional Tribal Climate Resilience Liaisons page for more information). The Branch also partners with the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) Tribes and Climate Change Program to host regional and national trainings for Tribes, in addition to the bi-annual Nation Tribal and Indigenous Climate Conference (NTICC). 

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