Our Mission

The mission of the Branch of Pathways is to develop the next generation of young public service professionals by connecting Native American and Alaska Native students to paid internships with the Bureau of Indian Affairs across the United States.

Who We Serve

The Branch of Pathways administers the Pathways Internship Program for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Trust Services.

The BIA Pathways Internship Program connects current college students to paid internships throughout the Bureau of Indian Affairs. With meaningful projects, rotational assignments, and multi-semester opportunities, Pathways prepares interns for an impactful career in public service and offers a direct pipeline to full-time employment with the BIA or Tribal Nations upon graduation.

The Branch of Pathways also provides technical and administrative assistance to BIA offices and agencies, Tribal governments, and Tribal organizations to prepare supervisors to host Pathways interns.

Services We Provide


About the Branch of Pathways

The Branch of Pathways is part of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Central Office, with a headquarters located in Oklahoma City, OK. The goals of the Branch of Pathways are to:

  • Engage youth by providing opportunities for aspiring leaders to become involved in all aspects of natural resources management, protection, and conservation.
  • Attract and recruit more natives into Natural Resource / Science, Technical, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) career fields across Indian Country.
  • Build Tribal capacity through informal and formal learning investments, employment opportunities, and immersion into science-based programs and projects as to sustain Tribal programs and enhance economic opportunities.
  • Increase cultural awareness by raising the level of understanding and practice of Tribal communities’ traditional knowledge, values, and vision for the future and how they merge with modern science.
  • Retain talented young professionals within the BIA and Tribe or Tribal enterprises by cultivating their future potential with developmental student internships and placement into entry-level permanent positions.