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April 2013
Photo Crownpoint Teaser
A skylight dominates the lobby of the Courts building.

Crownpoint Justice Complex Features Five Program Buildings

OFMC and the Navajo Nation share in funding the 112,375 square foot complex in New Mexico.

Video: Watch the DSRM safety inspection of the complex.

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Photo Security Teaser
A new security camera (see orange bordered area) helps Ben Bowstring, Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School’s assistant security coordinator, monitor activity at the campus entrance.

Security Concerns Prompt Entry Precautions

Keypads for doorways and security cameras have been added.

The 2012 Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting has elevated efforts across Indian Country to ensure student and staff security in BIE-funded schools and dormitories.

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Photo Murals Teaser
Former Dennehotso School Board Member Gilbert Todachine painted this mural on the wall of the school’s dormitory recreation room in 1979.

Dennehotso Murals Get Reprieve from Demolition

Computer graphic advancements aid preserving artwork.

Video: See what will become of the school five murals on the walls of Dennehotso Boarding School.

Video: Watch the Dennehotso ground-breaking celebration.

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Photo Dennehotso Dennehotso Replacement School Underway

OFMC builds Arizona boarding school on same site. (Photo: Digging at the February ground-breaking ceremony are (from left) Mae Big, volunteer foster grandparent at Dennehotso; Katherine Benally, Navajo Nation Council delegate; Lillian Begay, community member; Dineh Benally, OFMC Project Manager; and Nathaniel Brown, Dennehotso School Board member.)

[Play Video: Watch the ground-breaking celebration.]

[Play Video: Discover what will become of the school’s five murals.]

Photo Fire Truck OFMC Supplies New Fire Trucks and Training

Firefighters from four BIE-funded schools attend hands-on training. (Photo: Seth Blackbear, a firefighter from Crow Creek Tribal School in South Dakota, came to Albuquerque to learn about his school’s new fire truck.)

[Play Video: OFMC teaches how to use the new trucks.]

Photo Solar OFMC Creates Solar Neighborhood at Ute Mountain

OJS quarters are powered by solar panels; increased insulation leads to energy savings.

[Play Video: See the Ute Mountain Ute Agency Detention Center’s solar hot water and solar power applications.]

Photo Twin Buttes Twin Buttes Replacement School Being Readied in North Dakota

OFMC funded the K-8 Twin Buttes Day School replacement project. The new school will be dedicated later this year.

Photo Wide Ruins Wide Ruins Ground-breaking Initiates Replacement School

OFMC’s replacement Wide Ruins Community School in Arizona gets underway. (Photo: Miss Wide Ruins Community School Palila Chee participates in the March ground-breaking ceremony for the replacement school.)

[Play Video: See the Wide Ruins ground-breaking celebration.]

[Play Video: See the plans for the Wide Ruins aquarium’s new home.]