Approved HEARTH Act regulations are listed below by the year they were approved by the Department of the Interior. 

Tribes can submit their own Tribal leasing regulations for approval by following the instructions for how to submit a HEARTH Act application and mailing the application package to:

ATTN: Division Chief
Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Trust Services 
Division of Real Estate Services 
1849 C Street, NW, MS 4620-MIB
Washington, DC 20240

The main leasing types included in each set of HEARTH Act regulations are listed in parenthesis: agricultural, business, residential, wind and solar resource (WSR), or wind energy evaluation leases (WEEL). Additional leasing types may include: public, religious, cultural, educational, and recreational. 

If a set of HEARTH Act regulations have been amended a link to the most recent regulations and the date of approval are included.

Approved in 2024

Approved in 2023

Approved in 2022

Approved in 2021

Approved in 2020

Approved in 2019

Approved in 2018

Approved in 2017

Approved in 2016

Approved in 2015

Approved in 2014

Approved in 2013

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