The Central California Agency supports the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Indian Affairs strategic goal for the protection of tribal water rights through effective water resources management and planning.

The Water Management, Planning, and Pre-Development program supports the management, conservation, and utilization of trust water resources. Funds are utilized for technical studies and developing other information necessary for tribes to serve as informed and prudent managers of tribal water resources in a manner consistent with sound economic and conservation principles that enhance the quality of life, environment, and economic conditions on all trust lands. 

The Water Rights Negotiation and Litigation program supports confirming and defining Indian water rights through litigation and court decree or through negotiated settlement. Funds are utilized on projects for data collection and analysis for active litigation and negotiation cases. Other types of projects may include economic feasibility studies, studies to determine practicably irrigable acreage, soil classification, hydrographic survey reports, and other technical data that is required by the particular matter being funded.


The Bureau of Indian Affairs is now accepting FY 2023 funding requests for the Water Management, Planning, & Pre-Development, and Water Rights Negotiation/Litigation Programs. All funding requests must be prepared in accordance with the Checklist and Instructions provided below. Central California Agency tribes may send completed funding requests, along with a tribal supporting cover letter, to the contact listed in the announcement on or before Friday September 2nd, 2022.

Water Resources Program Information and Guidance

Relevant State and Federal Agencies

Water Resources Conditions and Data


For further information or technical assistance please contact Chris Bujalski, Agency Hydrologist, at or (279) 444-0323.