Mission of Tribal Government Services

"To promote awareness of tribal governmental responsibilities and processes and to provide Tribes with the resources they need to foster strong and stable Tribal Governments in exercising their rights as sovereign Nations."

Tribal Operations Branch

In accordance with the United States Federal Government in its long-standing policy of supporting Indian Self-Determination as expressed in the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, as amended, Public Law 93-638, the Tribal Government Services promotes the sovereignty of Federally Recognized Tribes. Tribal Government Services carries out this Federal policy by supporting and assisting Indian Tribes in the development and maintenance of strong and stable Tribal Governments capable of administering quality programs and services and developing economies of their respective communities.

Bureau of Indian Affairs funds Agency Tribal Operations staff to provide support and technical assistance to tribal governments under the Agency's administrative jurisdiction, which includes research and preparation of certificates of degree of Indian blood (CDIB), Indian verification, and California Indian roll numbers; the review of tribal resolutions, liquor ordinances, proposed governing documents requiring action by the BIA lines officials, preparation of membership rolls for special elections or for per capita distributions, and the administration of special Secretarial elections in accordance with 25 C.F.R. 81. Staff meets with tribal enrollment offices or committees on tribal enrollment matters.

The Tribal Operations staff provides the expertise within the area of tribal operations to Tribal Governments regarding the operations of the governing body and the administration of tribal programs and services provided to its membership, as follows:

  • Tribal Enrollment
    • Ordinances
    • Membership Rolls
    • Judgment Awards Distribution
  • Tribal Elections
    • Ordinances
    • Tribal Officials
  • Tribal Attorney Contracts
    • Appropriated Funds to Pay Attorney Fees (25 CFR 89.40)
    • Special Attorney Contracts
  • Tribal Enactments
    • Liquor Ordinances
    • Revenue Allocation Plans
    • Resolutions
    • Codes
  • Secretarial Elections (25 CFR 81)
    • Constitutions/Amendments/Revisions
    • Federal Charter of Incorporation (2S CFR 81)
    • Economic Development
  • Federal Acknowledgment Process
  • California Termination Period

Tribal Government Resources

For further information or technical assistance please contact Carol Rogers-Davis, Tribal Operations Officer, at carol.rogers-davis@bia.gov or (279) 444-0323.