The Central California Agency is the primary level that provides and coordinates the delivery of Bureau of Indian Affairs program services for 56 federally recognized tribes and 123 Public Domain Allotments within its service area, the largest multi-tribal field office in the contiguous 48 states. Tribal land bases are relatively small ranging in size from less than one acre to over 54,000 acres. There are four tribes that currently do not have any land in trust status.

The Agency’s geographic jurisdiction encompasses 84,500 square miles (219,009 sq. km), across 42 Central California counties, from the high deserts and the Sierra Nevada mountains in the east, though the Central Valley plain, to the coastal mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean in the west. The Agency is located in the city of Sacramento – the capitol of California and within walking distance to the state capitol building and the legislature.

The Agency provides direct service and technical assistance for the following Bureau of Indian Affairs program areas:


Please click here for information regarding organization of the California Valley Miwok Tribe.

Contact Us

Harley Long, Superintendent

650 Capitol Mall, Suite 8-500, Sacramento, CA 95814

Telephone: (279) 444-0323

Telefax: (916) 930-3780

Tribes Served

  • Benton Paiute Reservation
  • Berry Creek Rancheria
  • Big Pine Paiute Reservation
  • Big Sandy Rancheria
  • Big Valley Rancheria
  • Bishop Paiute Tribe
  • Bridgeport Indian Colony
  • Buena Vista Rancheria
  • California Valley Miwok Tribe
  • Chicken Ranch Rancheria
  • Chico Rancheria
  • Cloverdale Rancheria
  • Cold Springs Rancheria
  • Colusa Rancheria
  • Cortina Rancheria
  • Coyote Valley Reservation
  • Dry Creek Rancheria
  • Elem Indian Colony
  • Enterprise Rancheria
  • Fort Independence Reservation
  • Graton Rancheria
  • Greenville Rancheria
  • Grindstone Rancheria
  • Guidiville Rancheria
  • Hopland Reservation
  • Ione Band of Miwok Indians
  • Jackson Rancheria
  • Laytonville Rancheria
  • Lone Pine Paiute Shoshone Reservation
  • Lower Lake Rancheria
  • Lytton Rancheria
  • Manchester-Point Arena Rancheria
  • Middletown Rancheria
  • Mooretown Rancheria
  • North Fork Rancheria
  • Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians
  • Picayune Rancheria
  • Pinoleville Reservation
  • Potter Valley Tribe
  • Redwood Valley Reservation
  • Robinson Rancheria
  • Round Valley Reservation
  • Santa Rosa Rancheria
  • Scotts Valley Rancheria
  • Sherwood Valley Rancheria
  • Shingle Springs Rancheria
  • Stewarts Point Rancheria
  • Table Mountain Rancheria
  • Tejon Indian Tribe
  • Timbi-Sha Shoshone Tribe
  • Tule River Reservation
  • Tuolumne Rancheria
  • United Auburn Indian Community
  • Upper Lake Rancheria
  • Wilton Rancheria
  • Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation