The Environmental Quality Services (EQS) program provides for the review of routine Categorical Exemptions; Environmental Assessments; Environmental Impact Statements; Archaeological & Cultural Surveys; Biological Surveys; and Phase I Surveys. In addition, the EQS program coordinates activities with other agencies for compliance with environmental laws and regulations dealing with Solid Waste Cleanup; Hazardous Waste/Materials Spill Response & Cleanup; Asbestos, Lead Based Paint; Radon; Mold Risk Assessments; Housing Improvement Program; Realty Lease and Rights of Way; Natural Resources/Forestry; Water Resources; Grazing, etc.

Program activities include projects which require Bureau of Indian Affairs approval and/or federal funding. Assistance is provided with the preparation and review of documentation provided to Central California Agency; processing actions that require documentation in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), National Historic Preservation Act (NEPA), and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); conducting reviews of actions proposed by Tribal governments and other Federal agencies that may affect Tribal land; and performing Environmental Assessments/Surveys involving natural resource damage assessments.

EQS ensures compliance with NEPA, which has substantial effect on how Federal agencies conduct their planning and decision making process. The process required by NEPA follows the fundamental principles of sound decision making procedures and greatly increases the quality and timelines of agency decisions and Tribal project objectives. EQS will provide the 56 Tribes, under Agency jurisdiction, technical assistance for NEPA compliance. Technical assistance will be provided for the review of EA's, EIS's, ROD's , FONSI's and CEQ Regulations for program objectives with HUD/NAHASDA, HIP, Fee to Trust, Individual allottees, and tribal project proposals.

For further information or technical assistance please contact Eddie Dominguez, Environmental Quality Services Officer, at or (279) 444-0323.