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Forestry Resources Program

The forestry resources program goal is to protect and enhance forest resources guided by Tribal values. The Central California Agency is responsible for providing coordination, management, planning, oversight, and monitoring for all activities related to development and protection of Indian trust forest resources on Indian trust lands for the Tribes in Central California Agency’s service area.

Jurisdiction over the protection and development of forest resources is of great importance to both the State of California and California Indian tribes. To California Indian tribes, control over these forest resources is crucial to their economic self-sufficiency/self-determination and the preservation of their heritage. More than any other issue confronting the State of California and California Indian tribes, the regulation and management of forest resources transcends political boundaries. The Central California Agency supports all Tribal forest resource management partnership efforts.

For additional forestry program information and resources in the Pacific Region please visit the BIA programs disk at Google Drive

For further information or technical assistance please contact the Branch of Natural Resources at (279) 444-0323

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