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25 CFR 151.13 Flow Chart
2016 Partners in Action Equity
2016 Phase I ESA Process 101
2016 CMNSDI (Sustaining Indigenous Voices)
2016 Update FTT Admin (Dec)
2016 PIA FTT Caselaw Update V2
Adoption Program Powerpoint
BIA Partners in Action Presentation
BIA Presentation 2016
Brief BIA History PIA 2016
Climate Change Program Update
Climate Change Tree Atlas
Climate Basics PIA
Division of Environmental, Safety, and Cultural Resource PIA Powerpoint
DOI Partners in Action Conference
Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation
Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
Forestry and Climate Change
Forestry Program Update
GE BIA 2016
GLRI Update
Handler BIA PIA (July 2016)
Impact of Drugs in Tribal Communities Conference Presentation
Index to 2016 FTT Admin Appeals
Intro to Solicitors Off (With Twin Cities Inserts)
LCC Erin and Luis Presentation (July 2016)
Local DEC Development Draft
Midwest LTRO (PIA 2016)
Midwest Partners in Action NCAI Update
Midwest Slideshow
Natural Resources
NAWCA GLRI BIA (July 2016)
NW Loan Guaranty (July 2016)
Partners in Action Core Training
Partners in Action LTRO (July 2016)
Partners in Action Presentation (NAS)
PIA 2016 NHPA Complete
PIA 2016 Administrative Records Training
PIA 2016 BIA-Midwest Region Youth Priorities, Internships, and Initiatives
PIA Conference Title Opinion Training
PIA Emergency Preparedness
PIA Presentation Youth (Notes)
PIA Property Presentation 2016
PIA NEPA (2016)
Reservation Proclamations
Revenue Allocation Plans Best Practices PIA
Russell Baker 2016 PIA Realty Report
Suggestions PIA 2016 BIA-Midwest Region Youth Priorities, Internships, and Initiatives (Complete)
Tony's Litigation Overview Slides
Trends in Acquiring Land in Trust for Gaming
Tribal Records Briefing - Midwest Region
Troy Woodward Compact PIA 2016 Powerpoint
Utilizing Diverse Funding Sources to Develop Adaptive Management