Welcome, and thank you for your interest in hosting a Pathways Student Trainee!

The Office of Trust Services (OTS) Pathways Program is a paid student internship program designed to engage and train the next generation of Native workers and leaders.

To initiate a request to host one or more Pathways Student Trainees, please submit a 2022-2023 Internship Host Request Form via Microsoft Forms or request a fillable PDF version by contacting the Pathways Program at OTSPathways@bia.gov. In this form, we ask that you share important details about the internship, such as desired work schedule, location, and an accurate summary of the kinds of tasks or training that will be expected. The more detailed your request, the easier it will be to find a great match!

Please note: Student Trainees' work schedules must not conflict with their academic progress or course schedule. We may ask for increased flexibility to accommodate student schedules, particularly during the school year.

If you have any questions about this form or the Pathways Program in general, please email OTSPathways@bia.gov. We're happy to set up a time to chat!

For Tribes and Tribal Organizations:
If you are requesting placement with a Tribe or Tribal organization, you must identify a local Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) point of contact to serve as a secondary supervisor for the student. As Pathways Trainees are considered federal employees, this requirement is in place to ensure the Student Trainee has access to BIA offices, systems, and local support. If you would like assistance identifying an appropriate point of contact, please email OTSPathways@bia.gov.