The invasive species program enhances the protection of important Tribal trust resources (grazing, timber, fisheries, subsistence, cultural use) from the impacts of invasive species. The noxious weed component of this program provides on-the-ground management and treatment of noxious weeds on trust rangelands, and provides financial and technical assistance to Bureau Agencies, Tribes, and Tribal entities to implement weed control projects on trust rangelands. The program also provides and supports weed awareness training and research into biological control.

The more general invasive species component of this program provides funding to assist Tribes in the prevention, control, and management of invasive species threats that occur outside the realm of agricultural operations. This component of the program protects important Tribal resources such as fisheries, recreation, wildlife, clean water, healthy ecosystems, and forest health, by providing Tribes with funding to address invasive species issues on a landscape level, through collaboration or by developing their own management strategies where ongoing efforts do not exist. For application information, click here!