District VII’s Headquarters Office is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is staffed with a Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC), Corrections Program Specialist, and a Program Analyst. Until 2012, District VII was part of District I and was supervised by the Special Agent in Charge in Aberdeen, South Dakota. In 2012, BIA-OJS split District I into two parts, the eastern part becoming the newly formed District VII

District VII as a whole consists of 5 states in the Bureau of Indian Affair’s “Midwest” Region to include Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. There are 26 Tribal Police Departments within District VII. They are a mixture of BIA-OJS, 638 Contracted, Self-Governance, and Tribally funded programs.

Although still a relatively new District Office, District VII has been working diligently getting out to meet with the Tribal Leaders as well as Tribal Chiefs of Police to assist with technical assistance and training throughout its area.

District VII Staff:

Brian Archdale, Assistant Special Agent in Charge.