The Internal Affairs Division (IAD) is responsible for conducting administrative investigations against BIA Law Enforcement personnel and tribal Law Enforcement personnel in Indian Country. Administrative investigations generally apply to on-duty and off-duty misconduct, policy violations, and use of force reviews. There are multiple ways Internal Affairs Division receives allegations of employee misconduct complaints and referrals. Employees may contact their supervisor to file a complaint, or they may contact Internal Affairs directly.   Internal Affairs may also receive complaints and referrals from other law enforcement agencies and the public.

To report alleged misconduct to the Internal Affairs Division, please contact: Hotline Message (Not monitored 24/7): 1-855-469-7456 or email:

The Background Investigation Unit (BIU) is also under the purview of the Internal Affairs Division. The Background Investigation Unit is responsible for conducting various types of background investigations and/or adjudications for Tribal Law Enforcement Programs upon request under the Tribal Law and Order Act.

Tribal Law Enforcement Programs may request assistance from BIU by contacting their servicing District BIA OJS Office or contact BIU directly at the following: