Interested in a career in Public Safety & Justice? Do you want to join the BIA OJS team? Below are links to the current OJS vacancies (last updated 07/11/24):

There are 574 Federally recognized tribes within the boundaries of the United States of America. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Justice Services (OJS), provides police, investigative, corrections, technical assistance, and court services across this broad expanse of Indian Country. The men and women who work within Indian Country have an awesome responsibility and work under diverse and sometimes difficult conditions. Depending on the assignment, they may work in highly populated or remote and isolated communities. It's both a challenging and rewarding experience to be a part of a team that makes the choice to serve and protect Indian Country. Our OJS Facebook feed provides links to the latest vacancy announcements posted to USAJOBS and the links above are updated weekly.

BIA OJS Police Officers:

Careers.Police1 Career.Police Officer Careers.Police3a

BIA Police are responsible for maintaining law and order within Indian Country by patrolling Indian reservations, enforcing tribal laws, and making arrests. Officers respond to reports of misdemeanor crimes, felony crimes and suspicious activities received from the public. They are responsible for completing investigations, preparing reports and forwarding their reports to Federal, Tribal or State prosecutors. Officers are required to testify in tribal, Federal and state courts (if subpoenaed). Officers also work with tribal communities, schools and tribal programs to provide a safer environment. BIA-OJS respond to emergency situations involving natural and man-made situations.

BIA OJS Special Agents://

Career.Agents2 Careers.Agents Career.Agents

BIA SA's investigate Federal crimes in Indian Country. This requires working closely with Tribal, Federal and State Law Enforcement on criminal cases. Agents investigate tribal and Federal crimes throughout Indian Country. They are responsible for processing crime scenes, conducting interviews, evidence handling, preparing search/arrest warrants, apprehension and arrest of suspects, serving warrants. Agents prepare case reports which are forwarded to Assistant United States Attorney’s office for review of Federal charges, assist with trial preparation, and testify in the court of jurisdiction. Agents may also work on task force teams to assist other agencies to combat crime. Agents are trained through the Criminal Investigation Training Program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA., and participate in annual specialized law enforcement and investigative training.

BIA OJS Correctional Officers:

Career.Corrections 1 Career.Corrections 2 Career.Corrections 3

Correctional Officers maintain the safety and security of inmates housed in correctional facilities. Correction Officers are responsible for the safe transportation of inmates to and from court, as well as medical and dental appointments. Correction Officers ensure personal data is secured as well as confidential information and inmate property. CO's interact with the public and inmates on a daily basis. BIA Correction Officers must possess good communication skills and conflict resolution skills.

BIA OJS Dispatchers:

Career.Telecommunications Career.Telecommunications Career.Telecommunications

The Dispatchers monitor police radio frequencies, telephone (911) lines and public contact. They are responsible for dispatching police officers to calls for service, maintain radio contact with police officers, emergency management agencies and other law enforcement departments. Dispatchers conduct driver checks, criminal warrant checks, and criminal history inquiries to ensure the safety of responding officers.

BIA OJS Chiefs of Police:

Careers.Chiefs Careers.COP2a Careers Chiefs

The Chief of Police is responsible for the daily operation of the police department, correctional facilities and telecommunications which are under the agency he is assigned. COP's monitor and maintain the budget for the police department. They work closely with other law enforcement departments, tribal prosecutors, Federal prosecutors, tribal courts, tribal programs and Tribal Council. They also develop a community policing program for the reservation. COP's institute programs to enhance safety in the community and local schools.

BIA OJS Support Staff:

Careers.Support Careers.Support4 Careers Support

BIA Law Enforcement Assistants (LEA) and Law Enforcement Specialists (LES) maintain confidential data, employee records, purchasing and procurement documents, and travel documentation. BIA LEAs and LES’ often communicate with our direct services and tribal partners to gather criminal statistics reporting, detention reports, and requests for technical assistance or opportunities for additional funding. LEA’s and LES greet the public and visiting dignitaries from State, Tribal, Local, and other Federal agencies. LEA’s and LES’ are the backbone of the organization that maintain our administrative needs to provide essential services to Indian Country.

BIA OJS Program Analysts:

Careers.Program Analysts Careers.Program Analysts Careers.Program Analysts

Each District is staffed with a Program Analyst who is responsible for providing technical assistance to BIA-OJS and tribal partners regarding data collection and reporting requirements of crime statistics. They are also responsible for managing the District's Freedom of Information (FOIA) program in accordance with the FOIA regulations.

BIA OJS Victim Specialists:

Careers.Victim Specialists Careers-Victim Specialists Careers Victim Specialists

Victim Assistance supports the mission of OJS by providing services and assistance to victims of crimes in Indian Country. In conjunction with law enforcement, the Victim Specialists provide information, referrals, notifications, and services to identified crime victims. The Victim Specialists function and navigate during stressful and traumatic events to provide appropriate and effective responses to victims.

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