Division of BIA/BIE Budget Execution - Peter Probst, Division Chief

Processes all FEDs related to BIA/BIE programs, except those in Executive Direction and Admin Programs.

Processes all FEDs and agreements for the Energy Service Ctr - Funds are under Minerals and Mining Central Oversight but the $4.5 Million program is managed by Trust Services.

Processes all FEDs related to Construction, except those moving funds within their Exec Direct account.
Will process all FEDs related to Contract Support Costs.

Assist BIA and BIE programs in improving funds management: Spend plans, Carryover tracking, Processes for Initial Distributions.

Receives and processes all requested changes for the BIA portion of the financial management handbook as well as the corresponding master data in FBMS (Fund/Functional Area/Cost Center, etc.) for BIE/BIE programs.